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Physical Address:
954 Agronomy Rd
Room 116, 117
College Station, TX 77843

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370 Olsen Blvd
TAMU MS 2474
College Station, TX 77843



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The Agrigenomics Laboratory (AGL) offers genomic methods, instruments and expertise to investigators, educators, and students in the soil and crop science community. The goal is to facilitate and economize the usage of genomic methods in their research.

The AGL members have some priority access and reduced cost structure, but the institutional users can also purchase services at a cost-effective rates. Individuals who are interested in pursuing a project can obtain their own bench space and have access to instrumentation for varying periods of time. Our staff is available for one-on-one training and advising. This service is especially useful for investigators interested in exploring new techniques, and obtaining pilot data sets for external funding proposals.

Groups interested in lab membership should contact Drs. Stelly and Ibrahim.

Groups interested in platform specific training should contact Dr. Fei Wang.