Texas A&M University
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Equipment used in the Texas A&M AgriGenomics Lab
microplate reader PHERAstar® Microplate Reader
FRET capable with KlusterKaller software
spectophotometer Denovix DS-11 spectrophotometer / fluorometer
For nucleic acid and protein quantity and quality measurements
flow cytometer BD Accuri C6 flow cytometer
fragment analyzer Advanced Analytical fragment analyzer
thermocycler Hydrocycler: high capacity thermocycler
(8x96-well plates or 16x384-well plates)
thermocycler Bioer GenePro 96-well thermocycler
thermocycler ABI Veriti 384-well thermocycler
homogenizer MP Scientific FastPrep-24 homogenizer
homogenizer SPEX 1600 MiniG plate homogenizer
tubes or plates
replicator Apricot Designs i-Pipette 96
semi-automated plate replicator
centrifuge Nuaire refrigerated centrifuge
plate sealer Labnet Accuseal semi-automated plate sealer
microplate reader Thermofisher Barnstead Nanopure® water filtration system
freeze dryer Labconco FreeZone® 6L freeze dryer