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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of membership?

– Members enjoy immediate access to equipment ( i.e. a ready made lab for many staff and students of faculty who lack certain lab items, are new and/or off-campus)
– Membership fees cover the cost of equipment maintenance, repair, service charges, etc., as well as training for student users.
– Advice and instruction as needed for planning expeirments, obtaining supplies, etc.
– Training on the equipment use and safety for all members of the lab
– No fees for minor service work
– Reduced costs for consumables
– Access to lab outside normal business hours and on weekends and holidays.


Can people from private industry or other educational institutions use the AGL?

– Yes - but there is an increased fee for services.


If I am not a member may I or my students still the equipment?

– Unfortunately not, but non-members can schedule to have the AGL lab manager run your samples. Costs are assessed on a per-sample basis.