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The AgriGenomics laboratory offers genomic services, equipment and expertise for researchers, educators, and students in agriculture and related fields. The goal is to facilitate and economize the use of genomic methods in their research.

The AGL is suitable for a variety of small to mid-range operations with facilities for nucleic acid extraction and quantification/quality assessment, marker-assisted selection/breeding, and assistance with project design and analysis. Nucleic acid extractions (DNA/RNA) can be performed for high-quality preps (kit-based) suitable for downstream sequencing or lower-cost crude extractions (depending on tissue), as well as non-destructive seed-based extractions (species dependent) suitable for PCR-based assays. Protocol optimization is also available for recalcitrant tissues. This offers a range of options that can be tailored to the specific needs of the project. SNP and/or SSR marker screening is available including primer design, PCR amplification, and analysis. Additional services may be provided on an ad hoc basis with discussion and if necessary in collaboration with other TAMU core facilities.

DNA Extraction services include:

– High-quality kit
– Low-cost crude extractions (for some tissues)
– Non-destructive seed extraction for genotyping (some species)
– Quality check of DNA extraction services:
– Fluorometric absorption - individual tubes or wells, or plate-based
– Binding-based assays - plate based

Genotyping services include:

– SNP - using PACE and/or KASPar chemistry
– Data Analysis

Plate replication

– 384-well
– 96-well



Price lists for:
System customers   (list of free and fee-based services and consumables available to Texas A&M University System members)
Non-system customers   (list and pricing of available services and required consumables for those outside the Texas A&M University System)